There’s no if, ands, or butts about it. The new law raising the legal age to purchase or consume tobacco products or electronic cigarettes to 21 has taken effect since January 1. KUAM News hit the streets to get the community’s reactions to the new law.

If you’re 20 years old or younger, heads-up: it’s now against the law to purchase or consume any tobacco products or electronic cigarettes. The Legislature passed Bill 9 which raises the legal age from 18 to 21. It’s been 11 days since the New Year and we wanted to see how the public is taking to it…

GCC student Alvin Abadam agrees with the bill’s standing telling KUAM News, “I think it’s a good thing you know these kids in high school I don’t feel like they should be smoking or anything it leads to emphysema and lung cancer so it’s not a good habit for any of the kids to start emulating.”

While UOG student Nicholas Gankiewicz has his concerns stating, “I think it’s kind of good but then kind of bad because since they raised it I feel like people are going to start asking their friends to do it.”

And one local vape shop owner spoke on the condition of anonymity about how the new law has affected his business, noting, “I think as for business, it probably has slowed down a bit because of the age of 18 but you know that’s the regulation now and we still have customers 21 and over.”

And the regulations must be followed. KUAM visited several mom and pop stores to see if they were aware of the new law. Some asked for ID, while at another, the cashier did not ask for any ID and made the sell.

Businesses should become familiar with the law, otherwise it can result in heavy fines or even revoked licenses. The Department of Defense has also aligned their policy with Guam law.